Choosing an XM Satellite Radio Receiver

12:23 pm XM Receivers

Thinking about getting an XM Satellite Radio Receiver? There are a few categories of XM Receivers to consider:

1. Portable Car Receivers – this category includes receivers such as the Delphi Roady XT, SkyFi2 and Xpress RC, the Audiovox Xpress family of receivers including the Xpress, the Xpress EZ and the Xpress R also the Terk Commander MT. This class of receiver generally includes a vehicle kit and broadcasts the XM Satellite Radio content to your FM radio using either a FM Wired Modulator or Wireless FM Modulation that is built into either the XM Receiver or the vehicle kit. This type of receiver is not permanently mounted. The car kit is normally mounted on the dash or the air vent. There are also customized mounting kits available from Bracketron that are vehicle specific. The receiver can be removed and used in your house using either a XM Receiver Specific Boombox or Home Kit.

2. Direct Wired Car Receivers – this category includes receivers are either tuner specific or vehicle specific such as the Audiovox XM Direct and XM Direct 2 series of xm radio receivers. This type of XM Receiver is hard-wired directly into the head unit of your car’s receiver. This type of installation is normally performed by a professional installer. It is for those car owners who don’t want additional hardware mounted on the dash or attached to a vent.

3. Portable XM Receivers – receivers in this category includes the Delphi Sky3, the Samsung Nexus and the Pioneer Inno. They all have an internal battery and can be used in the car using a vehicle kit, used on the go (normally with headphones that include an internal antenna) and at home using a home kit or a XM Receiver Specific Boombox. There is also an option to download music from XM to the unit for listening when you don’t have access to Live XM Satellite Radio Programming.

4. XM Ready Home Audio Systems – There are a variety of XM ready home receivers that require a XM Satellite Receiver to broadcast XM Satellite Radio Programming. The Audiovox Mini-Tuner is the perfect solution. The mini-tuner is connected to the XM Antenna and connects to the XM Ready Receiver. This allows your receiver to display all the XM Radio Info directly. It’s the best way to seamlessly integrate your audio system with your XM Radio Programming.

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