Why do you love your XM Satellite Radio – Let me Count the Ways!

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Riding around in the car can be a daily effort for the many of us who are hopelessly trapped in the rat race. That rat race being: get up, get ready, race to work, endure a long commute filled with boredom and the occasional self rant about other drivers, and then do it all again just to get home. Make sure that dinner is made, watch some TV, get ready for bed, and then start it all over again the next day that follows, and so on.

This is where we all stutter briefly and wish there was some differences that existed in the norm and calamity of our everyday existences. It is safe to assume that if we factored all the hours that actually spend inhaling recycled cabin air while driving our cars to and from work, and other places, it may come as a surprise that we spend quite a deal in our cars, and well…quite bored at the same time. But, XM satellite radio has changed all of that, at least for some of us.

To rant on is ubiquitous, but rant I shall. Being such an avid protagonist for anti-boredom, I do present to you, adoringly, with the many reasons why I love car XM satellite radio.
• I first must say that my XM radio installation was cheap, about $50 bucks at the local big place.
• Secondly, XM radio receivers are many these days, and one can easily find one that fits nicely and cozy into their budget, even if it means passing up on the higher end Pioneer Inno XM Receiver and going with a cheaper model with less bells and whistles like the Delphi Roady XT.
• Um, 170 channels of commercial-free music, comedy, news, you-name-it, it’s like having cable TV for the car ride; the car ride most of us spend many waking hours enduring as we go about our everyday lives.
• Finally, XM satellite radio service is cheap these days, and I could not possibly try to find a better way to spend about $3.50 per week, than the hours of entertainment I get while on route to work or other affairs.

To sum it up, life sucks without the internet, cable and XM satellite radio, plain and simple! It’s a necessity, well not really, but still…