Don’t buy two Audiovox XM Satellite Receivers – Get an Xpress Car Kit Instead

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Surely most people will happily admit that they love their XM car radios. It may take a few days of using them for the realization to really kick in all of the way. People tend to get very excited once they begin to see how much they were missing out on before they had an XM satellite receiver. But, once they get their hands on hundreds of channels, the music, news and comedy that they want to hear, and of course, all the while no commercials, most people tend to want to have an XM car radio in all of their vehicles.

But in turn, nobody is really willing to shell out extra cash just for an additional XM satellite receiver. But there are ways around this, ways to mount an Audiovox Xpress car kit into another vehicle that you have, so you do not have to buy two Audiovox XM Satellite Receivers—you can just use the same one in each of your cars, and still pay the same low monthly bill. The solution to your two vehicle/one XM car radio problem is simple. What you need is an inexpensive Audiovox Xpress car kit that will allow you to easily transfer your Audiovox XM Satellite Receiver between vehicles.

With this kit, you can easily transfer your radio between vehicles: to your boat, your camper, or your RV, etc. The kit is well-priced and will cost you far less than if you were to buy an additional XM satellite radio. All that is required is some basic installation that anybody can do. You add dashboard or vent mount to hold your receiver, you can plug in the audio adapter to a tape cassette if needed, and it even comes with a power adapter that plugs into your cigarette lighter.

The Audiovox Universal Xpress car kit includes everything you could ever need to transfer your XM car radio between vehicles. So before you buy an additional receiver make sure to check your options, you just may save some money.

Here is what comes in the Audiovox Xpress car kit:
• Car Dock
• Car Antenna
• Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter
• Dash & Vent Mounts
• Cassette Audio Adapter
• XM SureConnect kit
• Auxiliary input for connecting a portable player