Portable XM Radios Offer Ease of Use, Affordability

6:13 pm XM Receivers

When the first era of XM satellite radios dawned upon an awestruck society that had been precursor to the era of standard radio that was filled with sloppy programming, payola schemes and far too many advertisements, people rejoiced. They could now listen to 170 commercial-free channels, in a crisp and clear, digitally delivered XM satellite radio feed.

And then people began to realize another thing that they desired with regards to XM radio—they wanted to have portable XM radio so they could enjoy the many stations at home, in the car, on the go or…well anywhere they so desired. But the original portable XM radio models were feature barren and hard to use. But this just meant that they could be improved upon.

As the companies that make these products placed their ears to the ground and listened to the feedback from their customers, a newer day and age of portable XM radio dawned upon society, one that offered everything customers demanded, and more. With the exception to early affordability of course, which now has also changed.

Take the Samsung Nexus 25 XM portable XM radio for example, which is well priced online at about $69.00 (only at select online retailers). This portable model comes with a home kit included, that allows you to easily hook it up to your home stereo and enjoy the radio stations that you actually want to listen to when at home or on the go. Add an inexpensive car kit, like the Samsung Nexus Vehicle/Car Kit YA-CP200, and you can easily hook this puppy up in your ride.

So long past are the days where XM portable radio models offer few features and a fat price tag. In are the days of feature laden models that come with a decent warranty and are able to be used at home, on the go or in the car.

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