XM Satellite Radio Services Keep Getting Better

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XM satellite radio services just keep on getting better and better. That’s right, when this awesome radio service first came out the features were rather bland, sometimes limited in scope by the technology that was available at the time. However, as the future has reared its technology-rich head and allowed the creators of XM satellite radio receivers to better an already great interface, many new XM car radios will offer some pretty hopping features.

Features like Artist Watch—where you can track when your favorite bands and artists are playing, what songs they are playing, and what station that it comes on. The same is true for Show Watch, where you are informed of when your favorite shows are playing, and on what channel.

Some XM receivers are now even synching up with GPS units to provide updated Traffic Watch to ease the burden of that lengthy commute you face each morning. And with on-demand news reports, plenty of talk show radio channels and oh so much more, the future is looking brighter than ever, indeed, for XM satellite radio.

New Lofty Pioneer Inno A Revolution in XM Satellite Radio for CHEAP $$$

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There is new screamingly hot portable XM radio in town, and the others may as well move aside because this puppy rocks!! Simply put: its entirely feature adorned and ready for you to enjoy from the moment you remove it from the packaging. So what do you all get with this new portable XM radio, what features does it have, and how much will it cost you to wrap your paws around its shiny and sleek exterior?

The portable XM radio that I am talking about is: the Pioneer Inno A Revolution in XM Satellite Radio. It features a black and red finished, brushed metal body, adorned with so many features you will want to write a letter lauding them. You get reception of all live XM broadcast, more then 40 channel presets, you can create your own play lists and it stores 50 hours of recordings, so you never miss a show again!

A full and detailed color display interface even allows you to set up channels to pre record in advance—like a DVR player—so you never miss that important broadcast and you can always replay it later, save it, or even send it to a friend. Now typically you would pay around $400 of your hard earned smackers to get your hands on this. But I have found a place that you can get for about $239!!!

If you want this unheard of deal CLICK HERE! The features are listed below for all of you tech savvy digital persons.

Features include:
• Portable reception of live XM broadcasts
• Plays MP3 and WMA files
• One Touch Recording.
• Up to 50 hours storage of XM recordings
• Schedule recordings in advance, so you never miss your favorite programs
• Full-color display
• 50 channel presets
• Create your own playlists
• Manage playlists and files without a computer
• Bookmark the songs you like and purchase with XM + Napster
• Discover new music with XM + Napster
• Wireless FM transmitter in the car dock lets you hear XM through your car stereo
• Artists and TuneSelect alerts you when your favorite song or artists is played
• Sports and stock tickers
• 1 year warranty

New Wearable XM Radio is Versatile, Affordable

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So you finally signed on for an XM radio plan and are already enjoying the 170+ channels of crisp digital bliss. Good for you, XM satellite radio is the most advanced radio to ever be created, and with all of the commercial free stations, radio has never been better. However, if you are only using your XM radio in your car or at home, think again. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take your XM radio with you on walks, when you are jogging, to work, to the waiting room at the car shop when you are getting your oil changed—or just wherever you happen to be throughout your busy day?

Well now you can. The Delphi SkyFi3 XM Satellite Radio Receiver allows just this. It is made out of a small and very sleek-looking, user-friendly and intuitive design. This newest receiver from Delhi offers total control and includes a very rich feature set that will appease even the pickiest of listeners. You can take it on the go and even store your favorite tunes on it with the Gig microSD Card (costs about $20 additional). So the next time you want to go for a jog, around town to run errands, or wherever, take your new Delphi SkyFi3 XM Satellite Radio Receiver with you, and plug and play throughout your day.

Delphi SkyFi3 Features:
• SureConnect FM Modulation Hookup
• Plug-n-Play satellite radio with integrated XM tuner
• Large, 2.8″ screen with horizontal & vertical mount
• Portable-playback mode with internal 5-hour rechargeable battery
• Stores up to 500* songs with optional microSD cards
• Stores up to 10 hours of XM programming with built-in memory
• 30-minute pause & replay feature
• Bookmark & purchase songs with XM+Napster
• Artist & TuneSelect

Is your Home Stereo System XM Satellite Ready?

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Just when you thought that XM satellite radio could not get any better, guess what, it’s always getting better in XM town! Just when you thought that your home stereo system was complete, think again! There are now some pretty radical XM satellite ready audio systems available for your home stereo. Systems that will offer the many features you have already grown to love. Just add the Audiovox Mini-Tuner and home dock and these systems that will receive all 170 XM satellite radio channels in-home. So now I am sure that you are wondering what are the best XM Satellite ready audio systems out there? No worries, I have got two sweet systems to tell you about.

Sherwood 600-Watt AV 7.1 Receiver is a kicking 600-watt XM ready home stereo receiver that also replaces your old receiver—you can plug in your TV and other audio components the same way. Well priced online for around $350-$400.
Features include:
• Universal video upconversion
• 100 watts x 6 in surround mode
• DTS ES Discrete, Matrix, DTS Neo (Cinema and Music), Dolby Pro Logic II (Movie, Music, Custom, and Matrix), and Dolby Virtual Surround
• 2 HDMI, 3 AV, and 32 component video inputs
• XM “Connect & Play”
• 17″ W x 6″ H x 16″ D
• Includes advanced multi-brand remote control
• Weight: 24.9 lbs

For bigger spenders there is the JVC 7-Channel AV Receiver which is a hopping and feature-rich home audio receiver that boasts 110-watts per channel over 7 channels, and a sleek and modern sliver design. Well priced online from $430-$500.
Features include:
• Hybrid feedback digital amplifier version III with 110 watts per channel x 7 channels
• XM satellite tuner ready
• Sirius input with control
• USB input for receiving audio signals from PC
• Dolby® Digital EX/Dolby® Digital/ Dolby® Pro Logic IIx/Dolby® Pro Logic II
• DAP for multi-channel and 2-channel sources
• HDMI switching: 2 inputs and 1 output
• Analog audio: 4 inputs and 2 outputs
• Digital audio: 2 optical input and 1 coaxial input (assignable)
• Component video: 2 inputs and 1 output
• S-Video: 3 inputs and 3 outputs
• Composite video: 3 inputs and 3 outputs
• 17 3/16″ W x 3 5/8″ H x 14 5/8″ D
• Includes multi-brand remote
• Weight: 19.5 lbs

These are only two examples of XM Ready audio components and home theater systems. Most of the major names such as Denon, Samsung, Yamaha, Onkyo and Sony have models that allow you to connect directly to the Audiovox Mini-Tuner and immediately enjoy all the benefits of XM Programming through an amazing audio system.

Spice up your Portable XM Radio with these two Accessories

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So you finally have gotten that portable XM radio that you have been wanting, and now you are able to enjoy 170 channels everywhere that you go. But wait, you are still missing out on some essential add-ons that will really spice up your XM radio experience. Don’t miss out on some of the best additions that you can inexpensively and easily add to your portable XM radio to enhance the experience.

Here are two must-have accessories for all portable XM radio owners.
Delphi’s Roady Carrying Case SA10045 is a sturdy carrying case that fits most portable XM radio models and offers a way to both carry your radio around and protect it for few bucks up front. The high quality nylon case features a double stitch pattern and thick walls for maximum protection—and you can get your hands on this case for fewer than twenty bucks at select online retailers.
Roady XT Remote Control SA10183 is a universal remote control that works with most at home, portable and in-car XM satellite radio models. Easily and inexpensively add a remote control to your XM radio and enjoy ease of channel surfing and programming like never before. This is available at select online retailers for about $20.