Spice up your Portable XM Radio with these two Accessories

4:35 pm XM Accessories, XM Receivers

So you finally have gotten that portable XM radio that you have been wanting, and now you are able to enjoy 170 channels everywhere that you go. But wait, you are still missing out on some essential add-ons that will really spice up your XM radio experience. Don’t miss out on some of the best additions that you can inexpensively and easily add to your portable XM radio to enhance the experience.

Here are two must-have accessories for all portable XM radio owners.
Delphi’s Roady Carrying Case SA10045 is a sturdy carrying case that fits most portable XM radio models and offers a way to both carry your radio around and protect it for few bucks up front. The high quality nylon case features a double stitch pattern and thick walls for maximum protection—and you can get your hands on this case for fewer than twenty bucks at select online retailers.
Roady XT Remote Control SA10183 is a universal remote control that works with most at home, portable and in-car XM satellite radio models. Easily and inexpensively add a remote control to your XM radio and enjoy ease of channel surfing and programming like never before. This is available at select online retailers for about $20.

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