XM Satellite Radio Services Keep Getting Better

7:05 pm XM Satellite Radio

XM satellite radio services just keep on getting better and better. That’s right, when this awesome radio service first came out the features were rather bland, sometimes limited in scope by the technology that was available at the time. However, as the future has reared its technology-rich head and allowed the creators of XM satellite radio receivers to better an already great interface, many new XM car radios will offer some pretty hopping features.

Features like Artist Watch—where you can track when your favorite bands and artists are playing, what songs they are playing, and what station that it comes on. The same is true for Show Watch, where you are informed of when your favorite shows are playing, and on what channel.

Some XM receivers are now even synching up with GPS units to provide updated Traffic Watch to ease the burden of that lengthy commute you face each morning. And with on-demand news reports, plenty of talk show radio channels and oh so much more, the future is looking brighter than ever, indeed, for XM satellite radio.

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