More Reasons to Get an XM Satellite Receiver Now!

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Of the many reasons why you should start enjoying 100s of channels of commercial-free satellite radio, there are few that easily sit at the top of the pile. Reasons that should cause most people to want to add the many listening benefits of XM radio to their wish list. If you thought you could not afford to get XM satellite radio in your vehicle think again! It’s really gone down in price as the technology has advanced and the XM satellite receivers have become more affordable. But if you were still not convinced, here are three more reasons why the time is ripe to add XM satellite radio to your car.

XM has just recently announced that they will be merging with the other satellite radio giant, SIRIUS. This means that all users will get to enjoy the option to select channel and syndicated radio show from both providers. You will have more choices in content and subscription plans. If you are happy with the current XM Satellite Radio Programming, you can keep the $12.95 plan. If you want both XM and Sirius content, you will have that option too. For only $4.00 extra per month you can pick channels you want from both providers.

XM receivers are super affordable right now. For example, take a look at the Delphi SkyFi3 XM Satellite Radio Receiver – a well priced and fully featured XM radio that offers plenty of awesome features, like storing up to 10 hours of radio shows in the onboard memory, and other features like Artist Watch, where it lets you know when your favorite artists and songs are playing. Well priced at SELECT online retailers for about: $69.95.

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