Get XM Satellite Radio in your Home for less than $55!

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If you enjoy listening to your XM radio in your car as much as I do, then you already know how much it rocks to have plenty of channels that are all commercial-free to sift through. Once you get used to having all of those dandy XM radio channels to surf, it becomes tiresome to ever listen to ‘normal’ radio again.

Trust me: it’s like going from a full cable package on TV, back to regularly broadcasted TV. The end results are that you are never satisfied with normal radio again once you get a taste of XM satellite radio. So, how do you bring that awesome XM radio into your home without breaking the bank?

No worries, I have found a way to do this for fewer than $60—which is not bad considering how much money that XM radio home kits can cost these days. But if you know where to look, you can easily find some pretty awesome deals on XM radio for the home.

I found this kit, Audiovox XM mini-tuner with home dock, at for about $55.00. It allows you to play your XM radio on your home XM Ready Receiver, with a simply plug-and-play connection that will allow you to enjoy XM in home, whenever you like. Below are the included features.

Features include:
• CNP2000 XM Satellite Radio Connect-and-Play Digital Mini-tuner
• CNP2000H XM Satellite Radio Connect-and-Play Digital Mini-tuner Home dock
• Audiovox XM Ready Home Antenna
• 20 foot antenna extension
• Protective cover

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