You already have it in your car, get a cheap XM radio for in-home!

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If you are already used to enjoying the 170 commercial-free XM radio channels at home, then you are in the know of just how great satellite radio is! The fact of the matter is that if you do not already have an XM radio by now, you are truly missing out my friends. I am talking about sports channels with exclusive interviews and coverages. Syndicated talk radio shows only found on XM and some awesome comedy channels that provide stand-up comedy, 24/7 so you never get bored on your drive to work, or back home…or wherever!

But once you get accustomed to having satellite radio at your fingertips every time you drive somewhere, you start to notice a dwelling silence once you come back to your home. This is because you realize that you wish that you had an XM home radio. But you just shelled out your cash on getting XM for your car, so how can you cheaply add it to your home? No worries my friends, I have the perfect and very cheapest solution for you!

If you have the Delphi SkyFi3 XM Satellite Radio Receiver, the Delphi SkyFi3 Home Kit is the answer to your problems. Now you can enjoy adding XM radio into your home or your office for around fifty dollars.

This kit comes with everything that is necessary so you can plug-and-play satellite radio at home or in the office, on the boat or even over at your buddy’s house. XM radio for home is now more affordable than ever before. This Delphi SkyFi3 is a handy and slick device that has a really nice LCD screen on it and all of the cushy features that you would expect. You can get your hands on this radio for about: $69.95 at selected online retailers.

The features include:
• The Home Stand houses your radio near your stereo system/powered speakers and recharges the radio’s battery while in the stand
• The Home Antenna’s cable length allows the antenna to be extended as needed for optimal reception
• RCA Audio Cables plug into the AUX In/Audio In (or similar) jacks on your stereo system/powered speakers
• The Power Adapter works in any AC outlet
• Remote Control
• User Guide

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