Not Convinced XM Satellite Radio Is For You? Hit Replay and Listen Again.

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It’s not news that XM satellite radio provides the cushiest listening experience out there– huge playlists, no commercials and variety in programming formerly reserved to $150 cable packages. It’s a dream for anyone who has diverse tastes, doesn’t want to hear the same song every other hour and simply enjoys programming without the obligatory pitches for car and truck blowouts “of the century”. Even traditional FM broadcasts have caught on and designed more listener-friendly programming (although they’ll never touch XM). You just can’t argue with the model.
During XM satellite radio’s rise to infamy, one receiver pushed its way to the forefront of the market—the Delphi SkyFi. The SkyFi’s basic, straightforward operation; sleek, portable design; and ease of set-up earned it an obvious rank as a market leader. With Delphi XM Home Kit and Delphi XM Car Kit available, one SkyFi is all it took to keep your broadcasts flowing wherever you wanted to be. Pulling the SkyFi out of your living room and transitioning to XM car radio was a breeze, taking mere minutes. So, how do you improve upon near-perfection? The Delphi SkyFi2 scoffs at your 3rd grade English teacher and answers with a question: XM satellite radio is so good, why not replay it? That’s correct; the SkyFi2 offers a unique function that automatically records the most-recent 30 minutes of programming. You can then pause, rewind and replay this programming. Don’t want to run to the bathroom while your team is up at bat? Don’t worry about it. Hit pause and the game will pick up right where you left off. Want to hear that catchy song again? Hit rewind and replay it.
In addition to this sweet playback feature, the Delphi SkyFi2 has a few more tricks up its sleeve. It has a built in ticker, allowing stock quotes and sports scores to scroll across the top of the display; a brighter, more legible screen; and a wireless FM connection that allows you to use an unused frequency on your car’s FM to transmit XM (rather than using hard wires and jacks).
Still not convinced that the $100 Delphi SkyFi2 and $12.95 per-month XM subscription is worth the money? Consider this—170 channels of programming, including a station for every musical genre imaginable. Enjoy regional Mexican hits? Tune in to 92. In addition to music, you’ll get news stations, talk and sports– follow the broadcasts of your favorite out-of-market MLB teams; XM has a station for every game. For $12.95 a month. Done deal.

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