How to Set Up XM Radio in Your Car

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You finally got it. Whether it’s a Delphi Xpress RC or the Terk XM Commander, you’ve got your XM radio. Now it’s time to hook it up. You know that you want it in your car, but you’re not quite certain how to get it there. With all the wires and connections, you’re confused and frustrated. We feel you. Don’t worry, however. A few simple steps and you’ll be listening to all your favorite tunes day in and day out. Here’s a guide on how to use XM radio in your car. We’ll focus on the 2 aforementioned receivers, although installation is pretty universal for most XM receivers.

Delphi Xpress RC
The Xpress RC includes an XM radio car kit to make installing in your vehicle quick and straightforward. A few simple steps and you’ll be ready to go:

1. Set up the antenna. The antenna has a powerful magnet that will adhere to the top of your car. It can be taken in and out when not in use. Run the antenna wiring along any existing weather stripping or wiring channels along the door, flooring and dashboard to ensure that it’s out of the way and doesn’t present a danger. Plug into the receiver.
2. Mount the Xpress RC. Car kit includes mounting hardware to affix to an air conditioning vent, making for easy removal and reinstallation. For more permanent installation, use the swivel mount with adhesive and attach to dashboard or other convenient location.
3. Plug in. The car kit includes a 12V power adaptor to plug into your cigarette or 12V plug.
4. Pop in the cassette. The kit includes a cassette that pops into your tape deck to allow XM to filter through your car stereo. If you do not have a tape deck, you’ll need to purchase a separate audio jack or XM SureConnect to plug into your stereo.
5. Activate your XM by visiting or contacting them at (800) XM RADIO.

Terk XM Commander
The Terk XM Commander is a sleek receiver offering seamless compatibility with car audio.

1. Mount magnetic antenna on vehicle roof and run wire along door/floor edges to provide a safe, tidy installation.
2. Commander includes a mounting plate which can be mounted to your dashboard or stereo interface.
3. Plug in, using the 12 V power adaptor.
4. Commander uses an FM direct tuner box that allows you to hardwire it into your stereo, providing excellent clarity and sound. Use auxiliary inputs if available. NOTE: If you do not have auxiliary inputs on your car stereo and are not proficient at wiring car audio, you may want to seek professional installation. Once installed, it will be an integrated part of your system.
5. Activate your XM account.
Once you’ve installed your XM receiver in your car, all that’s left to do is enjoy the ride. Set your favorite channels on available presets for easy access and you’ll be ready to drive hours, or even days.