A Look at Three Go-Anywhere XM Solutions

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Whatever your price range, there is an XM boombox out there with your name tattooed prominently to its side. XM boomboxes are the go-to solution for the seamless XM lifestyle that will carry your tunes from the living room, to the backyard, to the park and beyond. There’re simply no limits. Here’s a look at our 3 top models.

Belkin Portable XM Audio SystemThis baby brings a new meaning to portable. Designed to be simultaneously rugged, lightweight and water-resistant, the Belkin plays music anywhere and everywhere. Don’t worry about conditions: Belkin has you covered. For the spec-freak: pack 4-in woofers and 13 mm tweeters worth of range into this 2-way package and you get full sound that will handle everything from Metallica to Mozart with truth and precision. After all, an inexpensive boombox doesn’t need to mean cheap sound. Best of all, Belkin’s versatility applies to the receivers it synchs with as well as the places it travels—Roady XT and Audiovox Xpress models, and even the Pioneer Inno or Samsung Helix with a separate adaptor.

Audio System for SKYFi2 and Roady XT Receivers SA10201Let’s face it—you’re not an audiophile; you simply want a portable solution to play music. A light price tag and lack of frills are the characteristics you use to measure your choices. Assuming you’re rocking a SkyFi2 or Roady XT, this audio system is for you. Under $60 and all the sound and performance you need, this player keeps it simple and functional. It’s also quite slim and lightweight so it won’t bog you down.

Altec Lansing XM3120 XM Powered Audio SystemEver want XM radio right in your office? Of course you did. The Altec Lansing XM3120 is the solution to get it there. Designed specifically to sit on top of a desk, the XM3120 is a compact, convenient solution for your office needs. Whether it’s the desk at home where you do your bills or the office cubicle where you grind out the day, XM radio will surely make your tasks less intimidating. It works with the Roady XT or Audiovox Express and uses digital amplification and bass enhancement to provide optimum sound. Neodymium 2” drivers power the sound waves. So fire yourself up and knock out cold calls and invoices like there’s no tomorrow.

All systems come standard with the equipment that you’ll need. A power adaptor will allow for plug-in (batteries can also be used for portable applications, not included) and a home antenna will allow for quick set-up and signal reception. Within minutes of receiving your package at the door you’ll be hooked up and ready to go anywhere.
So drop the chains. Life is restricting enough, music doesn’t have to be. All our XM boomboxes provide a simple, inexpensive way to transport the world of XM music anywhere that you go. Once you’ve gotten a taste, you’ll wonder how you ever lived stuck in one place.