Got a SAT Ready Stereo Head? Need a Cheap Converter Kit?

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So you finally ran out and bought that nifty new car that you have always wanted and now you are faced with one new dilemma: how do you attach your existing XM car radio to your SAT ready stereo head? No worries, there is a relatively easy fix for this common issue, and it will not cost you a monthly payment equivalent either. And while you will have to commit to spending the money on the kit that you need, and roughly an hour on installation, you will save yourself a grip of cash over having to invest in a new XM satellite receiver for your vehicle.

What you need is the Audiovox XM Direct 2, an XM car radio converter kit that allows you to easily wire your SAT ready stereo head to your existing XM receiver. And the best part is that when you order it online, at select locations, not only will you get everything that you need to be thumping to those 170 channels in no time at all, but you will also get all of the necessary compatible cables that you’ll be needing. You can easily find this kit for around $60-$120 online; always go with the best deal. Below are the features that come with this handy converter kit, which comes with a quick install manual that anybody can use.

Features include:
• Turns your existing car stereo head unit into an XM radio
• Direct connect option offers true digital sound
• Includes expansion port (pass through capable) for connecting additional manufacturer devices (i.e. CD Changers and Ipod adapters)
• Works with the XM Mini-Tuner, a portable subscription cartridge that holds the radio ID. There is no need for you to pay for multiple subscriptions.
• Programmable adapter allows you to download and update software via web or CD-ROM
• Web based download capability to ensure we are using the latest software
• The solution requires: Internet connection, USB 2.0 port, Microsoft IE 6.0 or higher. Microsoft Windows XP Compatible.