Months After: A Look at the Sirius XM Merger

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Sirius and XM merged nearly a year ago, and it’s been exciting to watch the two giants in satellite radio integrate and overcome merger issues. Though satellite radio receivers remain largely divided into XM receivers and Sirius receivers, subscribers of both satellite radio services have enjoyed much enhanced programming for the same monthly fee. Here’s a look at why the Sirius XM merger has been great to satellite radio listeners.

More Exclusives Than Ever
Perhaps the coolest effect of the merger has been the shared exclusive programming between Sirius and XM. A number of exclusive channels and programs have been integrated into regular Sirius/XM lineups for no additional subscription costs. XM radio subscribers gained access to channels like Bruce Springsteen E-Street Radio, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Radio and Eminem’s Shade 45 among many others. Sirius radio listeners have been treated to an enhanced lineup that includes Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour, Tom Petty’s Buried Treasure and B.B King’s Bluesville, in addition to a list of other offerings. Exclusive programming with some of the most renowned names in the music industry has been a staple of satellite radio’s success and now there’s more for everyone to enjoy. This is clear progress.

Best Of Both Worlds
For years, listeners had to choose between the two satellite radio services or pay double the cost to get both Sirius and XM. Though both providers offered similar music offerings, they varied in terms of sports and entertainment coverage. Choosing one service over the other was essentially a compromise. No matter how comprehensive you thought XM radio was, there were likely one or two programs on Sirius that you wished you had access to, and vice versa. In an ideal world you’d have it all.

The ideal world arrived and the merger cut out the compromise. With “Best Of” packages, subscribers got all the most prominent programs from both services with just one Sirius or XM subscription. Listeners of XM radio have finally been able to access Howard Stern, as well as NFL games, NASCAR Radio, Martha Stewart Living Radio and Playboy Radio. On the other side of the coin, Sirius listeners have been treated to longtime XM exclusives like The Virus (Opie and Anthony), Oprah & Friends, PGA tour, NHL and NBA games. Though the “Best Of” packages cost a few more dollars a month at $16.99, they’re well worth the money for anyone who wants the complete satellite radio experience.

Tighter Channel Lineups
Though you may not be that excited that the name or format of your favorite station changed a bit, the merger between Sirius and XM has inspired a good, hard look at the channels that are offered and the best possible choices for listeners. Many XM and Sirius channels were redundant, covering the same genres, so with the merger has come a fine-tuning of channel lineups to provide the most optimal service possible. As channels have been altered or combined, the listener has received the best listening experience possible.

What This Means for You
If you’re already a satellite radio subscriber, then you already know how great the merger has been. You have more channels to listen to, more subscription/programming options and more interesting personalities on your dial than ever before. If you haven’t yet subscribed to either service, the merger is even more exciting. No longer do you have to debate the pros and cons of Sirius vs. XM. You can now purchase whichever satellite radio receiver you want with the confidence of knowing that you can have access to all the programming that you desire. The choice is now clearer than ever before.

Got a SAT Ready Stereo Head? Need a Cheap Converter Kit?

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So you finally ran out and bought that nifty new car that you have always wanted and now you are faced with one new dilemma: how do you attach your existing XM car radio to your SAT ready stereo head? No worries, there is a relatively easy fix for this common issue, and it will not cost you a monthly payment equivalent either. And while you will have to commit to spending the money on the kit that you need, and roughly an hour on installation, you will save yourself a grip of cash over having to invest in a new XM satellite receiver for your vehicle.

What you need is the Audiovox XM Direct 2, an XM car radio converter kit that allows you to easily wire your SAT ready stereo head to your existing XM receiver. And the best part is that when you order it online, at select locations, not only will you get everything that you need to be thumping to those 170 channels in no time at all, but you will also get all of the necessary compatible cables that you’ll be needing. You can easily find this kit for around $60-$120 online; always go with the best deal. Below are the features that come with this handy converter kit, which comes with a quick install manual that anybody can use.

Features include:
• Turns your existing car stereo head unit into an XM radio
• Direct connect option offers true digital sound
• Includes expansion port (pass through capable) for connecting additional manufacturer devices (i.e. CD Changers and Ipod adapters)
• Works with the XM Mini-Tuner, a portable subscription cartridge that holds the radio ID. There is no need for you to pay for multiple subscriptions.
• Programmable adapter allows you to download and update software via web or CD-ROM
• Web based download capability to ensure we are using the latest software
• The solution requires: Internet connection, USB 2.0 port, Microsoft IE 6.0 or higher. Microsoft Windows XP Compatible.

Welcome in a New Era with XM’s Extensive News Coverage

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A new era is upon us. Without getting overly-political, suffice it to say that there is a changing direction in the course of our nation. The extent and nature of this change remains to be seen, but as a nation we’ll all be watching and waiting. The election and term of our first African American president is a monumental event in the course of our history and we should all pay heed.

While realizing the magnitude of political change is easy, following it regularly can become quite difficult. Life doesn’t wait for you to sit down and read the newspaper or watch CNN. Sometimes there’s just too much going on in your own life between work, family and other obligations to pay the proper attention to the outside world.
Why not give yourself every opportunity to stay current and keep abreast of breaking world news and events? XM radio brings the most comprehensive coverage of news, politics, current events and analysis available in the audio spectrum.
A glimpse of the unparalleled coverage XM radio provides, available right now on your Audiovox Xpress EZ:

Fox News
BBC World Service
C-Span Radio

No more having to stay up all hours of the night searching the web for the latest news or trying to catch a glimpse at the paper on your 5-minute coffee break. XM radio brings the news to you whether you’re at home, in the car, at the office or on the move. You can always stay connected using any XM Satellite Radio Car Kit, Home Kit or Boombox. No longer will you be the odd man out in conversations about the latest political events, you’ll be starting the discussion.

Although XM radio has been bringing you music for years, its utility doesn’t stop there. Turn the dial of your Delphi SkyFi3 up to the 120s in the car, using your car kit, or in your home, using your home kit, and get the coverage you demand. Hopefully this new era of hope will be all that it’s cracked up to be and more. Regardless, you’ll know exactly what’s going on and be a better citizen for it.

How to Set Up XM Radio in Your Car

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You finally got it. Whether it’s a Delphi Xpress RC or the Terk XM Commander, you’ve got your XM radio. Now it’s time to hook it up. You know that you want it in your car, but you’re not quite certain how to get it there. With all the wires and connections, you’re confused and frustrated. We feel you. Don’t worry, however. A few simple steps and you’ll be listening to all your favorite tunes day in and day out. Here’s a guide on how to use XM radio in your car. We’ll focus on the 2 aforementioned receivers, although installation is pretty universal for most XM receivers.

Delphi Xpress RC
The Xpress RC includes an XM radio car kit to make installing in your vehicle quick and straightforward. A few simple steps and you’ll be ready to go:

1. Set up the antenna. The antenna has a powerful magnet that will adhere to the top of your car. It can be taken in and out when not in use. Run the antenna wiring along any existing weather stripping or wiring channels along the door, flooring and dashboard to ensure that it’s out of the way and doesn’t present a danger. Plug into the receiver.
2. Mount the Xpress RC. Car kit includes mounting hardware to affix to an air conditioning vent, making for easy removal and reinstallation. For more permanent installation, use the swivel mount with adhesive and attach to dashboard or other convenient location.
3. Plug in. The car kit includes a 12V power adaptor to plug into your cigarette or 12V plug.
4. Pop in the cassette. The kit includes a cassette that pops into your tape deck to allow XM to filter through your car stereo. If you do not have a tape deck, you’ll need to purchase a separate audio jack or XM SureConnect to plug into your stereo.
5. Activate your XM by visiting or contacting them at (800) XM RADIO.

Terk XM Commander
The Terk XM Commander is a sleek receiver offering seamless compatibility with car audio.

1. Mount magnetic antenna on vehicle roof and run wire along door/floor edges to provide a safe, tidy installation.
2. Commander includes a mounting plate which can be mounted to your dashboard or stereo interface.
3. Plug in, using the 12 V power adaptor.
4. Commander uses an FM direct tuner box that allows you to hardwire it into your stereo, providing excellent clarity and sound. Use auxiliary inputs if available. NOTE: If you do not have auxiliary inputs on your car stereo and are not proficient at wiring car audio, you may want to seek professional installation. Once installed, it will be an integrated part of your system.
5. Activate your XM account.
Once you’ve installed your XM receiver in your car, all that’s left to do is enjoy the ride. Set your favorite channels on available presets for easy access and you’ll be ready to drive hours, or even days.

College Football—Just one More Reason to Sign Up for XM today!

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You know the score. You’ve been patient. You’ve watched baseball, Olympic diving and AVP to help fill the void. You’ve gone over your honey-do list once, twice and even a third time to clear your Saturdays, for the next few months. Meanwhile, you’ve compiled stats, information and analysis, building your way toward the perfect fantasy team.
Your wait has finally been rewarded—college football season is well underway and every Saturday now brings a thrilling new lineup of rivalry games, marquee matchups and BCS rank-shuffling.

You’re no one team wonder, though. You don’t just want to watch your alma mater, local college team, or whoever happens to be playing; you want it all. After all, you didn’t spend all that waiting and anticipating just to watch 1 game a week.
No matter how many games that the networks and sports channels run, there’re always teams and match-ups that you’re missing out on. Sure, you could order an extensive cable college football package, for hundreds of dollars. You could spend even more ordering games one by one. OR, you could spend just $12.95/month on XM satellite radio. That’s right—the same XM radio that has revolutionized the way you get your music over the airwaves also carries live broadcasts of college football. And you’ll still get all the music, news and talk programming that XM radio is best known for.

XM radio has all the major conferences covered—every SEC game, PAC 10 , Big 10, ACC, Big East and Big 12 coverage. With over 15 dedicated college sports channels carrying games every Saturday, you’ll have the games you want right at your fingertips. Two can’t-miss games on at once? Not a problem. Watch one on TV and follow the broadcast of the other with XM radio. You can do this all day, week after week.
XM radio’s college football coverage is huge for out-of-market fans. If you’re one of the millions that lives in a state or metro-area other then where you went to college, you know how frustrating it can be not having access to your team. With XM, you’ll get all kinds of out-of-market games without being prisoner to network coverage or forced to pay hundreds for a few games. Follow your team as closely as the days when you’d pound half a keg and stand out in 20-degree freeze with no shirt . Only this time you won’t be sick for the next week.

One last consideration—unlike TV, XM travels with you. If you’re stuck taking that 3-hour trip to visit the in-laws on Saturday; it’s no longer your worst nightmare—you can bring your game with you. Save the argument with the wife—you’ll only be losing that one anyway. Grab your XM receiver and listen to your games the entire ride. You might just consider taking a separate car to save any bickering over the station (you’ll probably lose that one too). Once you’ve arrived, sneak out during the 4th running of your father-in-law’s story about his latest huntin’ trip and listen to the next game. Better yet, bring in your XM receiver and quiet the ol’ man down with some quality football time. Genius.
In the end, every football fan wants the same thing: games, games, games. XM radio helps you get just that. Sign up today and see all the coverage that you’ve been missing out on. Just be quick about it—Saturday’s just a few days away!

Harley Heaven: XM Satellite Radio for Motorcycles

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Freedom. That’s what it’s all about. All you see is wide open road spread before you converging toward an undisclosed point on the painted blue horizon in the distance. It’s a point that you’ll come to know soon enough. A full tank of gas and nothing between it and you but smooth asphalt and clean fall air. Life doesn’t get any better.
At least that’s what you thought. The desolate silence of the road was great for the first 300 miles. Now it’s maddening. Some music would be nice. Dozens of channels of commercial-free music would be even nicer.

Not a problem. XM radio is right there with you. Yes, you can get XM satellite radio for motorcycles. It’s pretty simple, too—the satellite radio provider offers some easy options for motorcyclists, making your bike just one more place to listen to XM. All it takes is an inexpensive motorcycle mounting kit and you’ll be able to mount your XM receiver to your bike and listen to the rich programming that you know and love. Take solace in knowing that no matter how far your ride takes you, you’ll always have the music you want. Don’t expect to hear the same song twice, either.

Mounts work with classic receivers such as the Delphi Roady XT or Audiovox Xpress EZ. Most are pretty straightforward handle bar mounts that will take mere minutes to set up. A bracket holds the antenna securely and a 12V cigarette plug will power you up. Other after-market accessories like amplifiers will make enhance XM even further.

If you don’t want to mess with the integrity of your ride, it’s no problem. XM radio offers a variety of portable receivers like the Pioneer Inno and Delphi SkyFi3 that you can drop right into your pocket. If you happen to be riding through a deep canyon, these receivers also double as MP3 players. You’ll never be without music again—unless you choose to be.
XM radio feels your style and knows a thing or two about freedom too. Freedom to listen to music and not commercials. Freedom to listen to the music you want to hear without the garbage you don’t. Freedom to ride cross country without crossing over local broadcasts that turn Zeppelin into faded bluegrass. You get the picture.

Get your XM radio hooked up before your next ride. It’s just a few steps away. Just don’t listen too loud. There’re still others out there that might like to enjoy a quiet ride. They don’t know what they’re missing out on.

Top Three Reasons to Buy an XM Receiver Online

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Getting an inexpensive car XM satellite radio is actually fairly easy these days, if you shop online. Many people rush out the to local retail store where they are forced to absorb the store’s costs of operations, just to get the XM car radio that they want. But getting a good deal on car XM satellite radios is almost nearly never found in a local retail setting. The best places that you will always be able to find the XM receivers that you desire is online—where you will find the best deals to be had on any XM products that you want.

If you are still not convinced that an online platform is the best method of approach, let me convince you further. Just as the XM radio offers ease of programming, zero commercials and some of your favorite stations and shows, all at the click of a button, shopping online for the XM satellite radio you want is nearly the same. One-button-clicks purchase the radio you desire, and you save a fortune, time and hassle in the process. Here are three more reasons.

1. No lines, no trip to the store and you save personal time. No wasted gas, you can just hop online, from your home, in your pajamas if you so desire, and shop for and purchase the XM radio that you desire.

2. No sales tax. In most cases the websites that you will be buying the XM products that you want are not going to be based in your home state. What this means is an increased value and savings by x-ing out the state sales tax on the item.

3. More selection, better prices and generally free shipping. You read right, you will not have to absorb the retail freight cost that is added to the purchase price. There is always more selection online, and the prices will almost always easily beat out the retail markups. Finally, you will most often get free shipping on your purchase!

You already have it in your car, get a cheap XM radio for in-home!

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If you are already used to enjoying the 170 commercial-free XM radio channels at home, then you are in the know of just how great satellite radio is! The fact of the matter is that if you do not already have an XM radio by now, you are truly missing out my friends. I am talking about sports channels with exclusive interviews and coverages. Syndicated talk radio shows only found on XM and some awesome comedy channels that provide stand-up comedy, 24/7 so you never get bored on your drive to work, or back home…or wherever!

But once you get accustomed to having satellite radio at your fingertips every time you drive somewhere, you start to notice a dwelling silence once you come back to your home. This is because you realize that you wish that you had an XM home radio. But you just shelled out your cash on getting XM for your car, so how can you cheaply add it to your home? No worries my friends, I have the perfect and very cheapest solution for you!

If you have the Delphi SkyFi3 XM Satellite Radio Receiver, the Delphi SkyFi3 Home Kit is the answer to your problems. Now you can enjoy adding XM radio into your home or your office for around fifty dollars.

This kit comes with everything that is necessary so you can plug-and-play satellite radio at home or in the office, on the boat or even over at your buddy’s house. XM radio for home is now more affordable than ever before. This Delphi SkyFi3 is a handy and slick device that has a really nice LCD screen on it and all of the cushy features that you would expect. You can get your hands on this radio for about: $69.95 at selected online retailers.

The features include:
• The Home Stand houses your radio near your stereo system/powered speakers and recharges the radio’s battery while in the stand
• The Home Antenna’s cable length allows the antenna to be extended as needed for optimal reception
• RCA Audio Cables plug into the AUX In/Audio In (or similar) jacks on your stereo system/powered speakers
• The Power Adapter works in any AC outlet
• Remote Control
• User Guide

Get XM Satellite Radio in your Home for less than $55!

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If you enjoy listening to your XM radio in your car as much as I do, then you already know how much it rocks to have plenty of channels that are all commercial-free to sift through. Once you get used to having all of those dandy XM radio channels to surf, it becomes tiresome to ever listen to ‘normal’ radio again.

Trust me: it’s like going from a full cable package on TV, back to regularly broadcasted TV. The end results are that you are never satisfied with normal radio again once you get a taste of XM satellite radio. So, how do you bring that awesome XM radio into your home without breaking the bank?

No worries, I have found a way to do this for fewer than $60—which is not bad considering how much money that XM radio home kits can cost these days. But if you know where to look, you can easily find some pretty awesome deals on XM radio for the home.

I found this kit, Audiovox XM mini-tuner with home dock, at for about $55.00. It allows you to play your XM radio on your home XM Ready Receiver, with a simply plug-and-play connection that will allow you to enjoy XM in home, whenever you like. Below are the included features.

Features include:
• CNP2000 XM Satellite Radio Connect-and-Play Digital Mini-tuner
• CNP2000H XM Satellite Radio Connect-and-Play Digital Mini-tuner Home dock
• Audiovox XM Ready Home Antenna
• 20 foot antenna extension
• Protective cover

XM Subscriptions Well Within Reach for All

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If you thought that you could not ever possibly afford to have the lofty 170 channels of commercial-free radio that is offered when you sign up for an XM radio subscription, think again! These days nearly everyone can easily afford an XM subscription—they are that affordable. One year XM subscriptions start at just $11.87/Month, which is pretty easy to pocket considering that it amounts to less than forty cents per day.

Buy a two year or a three year XM radio subscription and you will save even more cash. A two year runs about $11.33/Month, and the three year plan starts at about $9.99/Month. Getting your hands on an affordable XM radio is pretty easy to do these days as well.

You can get the Audiovox Xpress EZ XM Radio Receiver for you car—well priced online for about $39.95—at select online retailers only. So now that you can get an XM receiver for about $40 and you know that the subscription will run at most, forty cents per day, it’s the 40-40 challenge.

Forty bucks gets XM radio in your car, and forty cents per day pays for the service!

Below are the subscription details.

Plan Effective Monthly Rate Savings Equivalent Save %* XM Radio Online
Quarterly $12.95/Month n/a 0% FREE
1-year $11.87/Month 1 Month Free* 8% FREE
2-year $11.33/Month 3 Months Free* 13% FREE
3-year $9.99/Month 8+ Months Free* 23% FREE
* as compared to $12.95 monthly rate

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