More Reasons to Get an XM Satellite Receiver Now!

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Of the many reasons why you should start enjoying 100s of channels of commercial-free satellite radio, there are few that easily sit at the top of the pile. Reasons that should cause most people to want to add the many listening benefits of XM radio to their wish list. If you thought you could not afford to get XM satellite radio in your vehicle think again! It’s really gone down in price as the technology has advanced and the XM satellite receivers have become more affordable. But if you were still not convinced, here are three more reasons why the time is ripe to add XM satellite radio to your car.

XM has just recently announced that they will be merging with the other satellite radio giant, SIRIUS. This means that all users will get to enjoy the option to select channel and syndicated radio show from both providers. You will have more choices in content and subscription plans. If you are happy with the current XM Satellite Radio Programming, you can keep the $12.95 plan. If you want both XM and Sirius content, you will have that option too. For only $4.00 extra per month you can pick channels you want from both providers.

XM receivers are super affordable right now. For example, take a look at the Delphi SkyFi3 XM Satellite Radio Receiver – a well priced and fully featured XM radio that offers plenty of awesome features, like storing up to 10 hours of radio shows in the onboard memory, and other features like Artist Watch, where it lets you know when your favorite artists and songs are playing. Well priced at SELECT online retailers for about: $69.95.

The Cheapest XM Car Radio Ever – This Price is Smoking Low!

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Just when you though that XM car radios could not get any cheaper, think again buddy! The XM satellite receiver that I am about to tell you about is so cheap you will think that you are dreaming. But you are not my friends, it’s just a darn good deal that’s all!

What if you could get a fully featured XM car radio for fewer than $40? That’s right, I have found one of the best deals ever on an XM radio for your car, and the installation is a snap as well because this XM car radio comes with a quick installation kit that’s so simple my 80 year old grandmother could install it in a snap.

The XM satellite receiver that I am talking about is the Audiovox Xpress EZ XM Radio Receiver with Car Kit. Well priced online, at only select retailers, for under $40, yes you read right. Two, twenty dollar bills gets this bad boy into your vehicle and allows you to enjoy those 170 channels of XM bliss while you are on the way to work, or wherever.

Xpress EZ XM Satellite Radio Receiver

The Features include:
• Entry-Level Unit with Simplified User Interface
• Large, Easy-to-Read LCD Display Shows the Channel, Artist and Song Title via a Bright, Three-Line Display
• Favorites Button Gives the Option to Program up-to 10 XM Channels
• Move Quickly Through XM Channels with the Tune and Press Dial
• Universal Connector – Easily Move XpressEZ Between the Car, Home and Audio System with Compatible Accessories
• Sleep Mode

• Vehicle Kit with Plug & Play Docking Station
• XM SureConnect
• 12-Volt Power Adapter
• Magnetic Roof Mount Antenna

New Lofty Pioneer Inno A Revolution in XM Satellite Radio for CHEAP $$$

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There is new screamingly hot portable XM radio in town, and the others may as well move aside because this puppy rocks!! Simply put: its entirely feature adorned and ready for you to enjoy from the moment you remove it from the packaging. So what do you all get with this new portable XM radio, what features does it have, and how much will it cost you to wrap your paws around its shiny and sleek exterior?

The portable XM radio that I am talking about is: the Pioneer Inno A Revolution in XM Satellite Radio. It features a black and red finished, brushed metal body, adorned with so many features you will want to write a letter lauding them. You get reception of all live XM broadcast, more then 40 channel presets, you can create your own play lists and it stores 50 hours of recordings, so you never miss a show again!

A full and detailed color display interface even allows you to set up channels to pre record in advance—like a DVR player—so you never miss that important broadcast and you can always replay it later, save it, or even send it to a friend. Now typically you would pay around $400 of your hard earned smackers to get your hands on this. But I have found a place that you can get for about $239!!!

If you want this unheard of deal CLICK HERE! The features are listed below for all of you tech savvy digital persons.

Features include:
• Portable reception of live XM broadcasts
• Plays MP3 and WMA files
• One Touch Recording.
• Up to 50 hours storage of XM recordings
• Schedule recordings in advance, so you never miss your favorite programs
• Full-color display
• 50 channel presets
• Create your own playlists
• Manage playlists and files without a computer
• Bookmark the songs you like and purchase with XM + Napster
• Discover new music with XM + Napster
• Wireless FM transmitter in the car dock lets you hear XM through your car stereo
• Artists and TuneSelect alerts you when your favorite song or artists is played
• Sports and stock tickers
• 1 year warranty

New Wearable XM Radio is Versatile, Affordable

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So you finally signed on for an XM radio plan and are already enjoying the 170+ channels of crisp digital bliss. Good for you, XM satellite radio is the most advanced radio to ever be created, and with all of the commercial free stations, radio has never been better. However, if you are only using your XM radio in your car or at home, think again. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take your XM radio with you on walks, when you are jogging, to work, to the waiting room at the car shop when you are getting your oil changed—or just wherever you happen to be throughout your busy day?

Well now you can. The Delphi SkyFi3 XM Satellite Radio Receiver allows just this. It is made out of a small and very sleek-looking, user-friendly and intuitive design. This newest receiver from Delhi offers total control and includes a very rich feature set that will appease even the pickiest of listeners. You can take it on the go and even store your favorite tunes on it with the Gig microSD Card (costs about $20 additional). So the next time you want to go for a jog, around town to run errands, or wherever, take your new Delphi SkyFi3 XM Satellite Radio Receiver with you, and plug and play throughout your day.

Delphi SkyFi3 Features:
• SureConnect FM Modulation Hookup
• Plug-n-Play satellite radio with integrated XM tuner
• Large, 2.8″ screen with horizontal & vertical mount
• Portable-playback mode with internal 5-hour rechargeable battery
• Stores up to 500* songs with optional microSD cards
• Stores up to 10 hours of XM programming with built-in memory
• 30-minute pause & replay feature
• Bookmark & purchase songs with XM+Napster
• Artist & TuneSelect

Spice up your Portable XM Radio with these two Accessories

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So you finally have gotten that portable XM radio that you have been wanting, and now you are able to enjoy 170 channels everywhere that you go. But wait, you are still missing out on some essential add-ons that will really spice up your XM radio experience. Don’t miss out on some of the best additions that you can inexpensively and easily add to your portable XM radio to enhance the experience.

Here are two must-have accessories for all portable XM radio owners.
Delphi’s Roady Carrying Case SA10045 is a sturdy carrying case that fits most portable XM radio models and offers a way to both carry your radio around and protect it for few bucks up front. The high quality nylon case features a double stitch pattern and thick walls for maximum protection—and you can get your hands on this case for fewer than twenty bucks at select online retailers.
Roady XT Remote Control SA10183 is a universal remote control that works with most at home, portable and in-car XM satellite radio models. Easily and inexpensively add a remote control to your XM radio and enjoy ease of channel surfing and programming like never before. This is available at select online retailers for about $20.

Portable XM Radios Offer Ease of Use, Affordability

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When the first era of XM satellite radios dawned upon an awestruck society that had been precursor to the era of standard radio that was filled with sloppy programming, payola schemes and far too many advertisements, people rejoiced. They could now listen to 170 commercial-free channels, in a crisp and clear, digitally delivered XM satellite radio feed.

And then people began to realize another thing that they desired with regards to XM radio—they wanted to have portable XM radio so they could enjoy the many stations at home, in the car, on the go or…well anywhere they so desired. But the original portable XM radio models were feature barren and hard to use. But this just meant that they could be improved upon.

As the companies that make these products placed their ears to the ground and listened to the feedback from their customers, a newer day and age of portable XM radio dawned upon society, one that offered everything customers demanded, and more. With the exception to early affordability of course, which now has also changed.

Take the Samsung Nexus 25 XM portable XM radio for example, which is well priced online at about $69.00 (only at select online retailers). This portable model comes with a home kit included, that allows you to easily hook it up to your home stereo and enjoy the radio stations that you actually want to listen to when at home or on the go. Add an inexpensive car kit, like the Samsung Nexus Vehicle/Car Kit YA-CP200, and you can easily hook this puppy up in your ride.

So long past are the days where XM portable radio models offer few features and a fat price tag. In are the days of feature laden models that come with a decent warranty and are able to be used at home, on the go or in the car.

Choosing an XM Satellite Radio Receiver

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Thinking about getting an XM Satellite Radio Receiver? There are a few categories of XM Receivers to consider:

1. Portable Car Receivers – this category includes receivers such as the Delphi Roady XT, SkyFi2 and Xpress RC, the Audiovox Xpress family of receivers including the Xpress, the Xpress EZ and the Xpress R also the Terk Commander MT. This class of receiver generally includes a vehicle kit and broadcasts the XM Satellite Radio content to your FM radio using either a FM Wired Modulator or Wireless FM Modulation that is built into either the XM Receiver or the vehicle kit. This type of receiver is not permanently mounted. The car kit is normally mounted on the dash or the air vent. There are also customized mounting kits available from Bracketron that are vehicle specific. The receiver can be removed and used in your house using either a XM Receiver Specific Boombox or Home Kit.

2. Direct Wired Car Receivers – this category includes receivers are either tuner specific or vehicle specific such as the Audiovox XM Direct and XM Direct 2 series of xm radio receivers. This type of XM Receiver is hard-wired directly into the head unit of your car’s receiver. This type of installation is normally performed by a professional installer. It is for those car owners who don’t want additional hardware mounted on the dash or attached to a vent.

3. Portable XM Receivers – receivers in this category includes the Delphi Sky3, the Samsung Nexus and the Pioneer Inno. They all have an internal battery and can be used in the car using a vehicle kit, used on the go (normally with headphones that include an internal antenna) and at home using a home kit or a XM Receiver Specific Boombox. There is also an option to download music from XM to the unit for listening when you don’t have access to Live XM Satellite Radio Programming.

4. XM Ready Home Audio Systems – There are a variety of XM ready home receivers that require a XM Satellite Receiver to broadcast XM Satellite Radio Programming. The Audiovox Mini-Tuner is the perfect solution. The mini-tuner is connected to the XM Antenna and connects to the XM Ready Receiver. This allows your receiver to display all the XM Radio Info directly. It’s the best way to seamlessly integrate your audio system with your XM Radio Programming.

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