Enjoy XM Radio in your house, and your car!

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The benefits of XM satellite radio are far reaching and very many. Especially when you consider that fact that cable television has been round for nearly 50 years, and the fact that radio just recently converted to a subscription service, brought to us by the likes of XM satellite radio receivers. But something that many XM radio lovers do not know is that you can easily and very inexpensively enjoy XM radio in your house.

And if you thought that being able to enjoy using your XM radio in your house would cost you bundle, think again! There are now plenty of great companies that are making home converter kits that have everything that you will need in order to bring your XM satellite radio home, where you can enjoy the 170 different channels and a diverse programming schedule.

One of the hottest selling XM radio home kits currently on the market is the Delphi SkyFi2 Home Kit SA10103, which typically retails for about $90—but at some places that lead the competition you can get your paws on it for about $50—and most of the time with free shipping and no sales tax.

What does the Delphi SkyFi2 Home Kit SA10103 include?
• Home Stand
• Home Antenna
• RCA Audio Cables
• Power Adapter
• User Guide

All you do is set up the home stand near your home stereo and plug it in. Then make sure that the included far-reaching antenna is near a window, and has access to the sky, so it can grab the XM satellite radio signals being broadcasted. Just plug a few things in and within minutes you will be enjoying XM radio at home, not just in your car. The best part is that all of this will cost you about $50!

Don’t buy two Audiovox XM Satellite Receivers – Get an Xpress Car Kit Instead

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Surely most people will happily admit that they love their XM car radios. It may take a few days of using them for the realization to really kick in all of the way. People tend to get very excited once they begin to see how much they were missing out on before they had an XM satellite receiver. But, once they get their hands on hundreds of channels, the music, news and comedy that they want to hear, and of course, all the while no commercials, most people tend to want to have an XM car radio in all of their vehicles.

But in turn, nobody is really willing to shell out extra cash just for an additional XM satellite receiver. But there are ways around this, ways to mount an Audiovox Xpress car kit into another vehicle that you have, so you do not have to buy two Audiovox XM Satellite Receivers—you can just use the same one in each of your cars, and still pay the same low monthly bill. The solution to your two vehicle/one XM car radio problem is simple. What you need is an inexpensive Audiovox Xpress car kit that will allow you to easily transfer your Audiovox XM Satellite Receiver between vehicles.

With this kit, you can easily transfer your radio between vehicles: to your boat, your camper, or your RV, etc. The kit is well-priced and will cost you far less than if you were to buy an additional XM satellite radio. All that is required is some basic installation that anybody can do. You add dashboard or vent mount to hold your receiver, you can plug in the audio adapter to a tape cassette if needed, and it even comes with a power adapter that plugs into your cigarette lighter.

The Audiovox Universal Xpress car kit includes everything you could ever need to transfer your XM car radio between vehicles. So before you buy an additional receiver make sure to check your options, you just may save some money.

Here is what comes in the Audiovox Xpress car kit:
• Car Dock
• Car Antenna
• Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter
• Dash & Vent Mounts
• Cassette Audio Adapter
• XM SureConnect kit
• Auxiliary input for connecting a portable player

Why do you love your XM Satellite Radio – Let me Count the Ways!

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Riding around in the car can be a daily effort for the many of us who are hopelessly trapped in the rat race. That rat race being: get up, get ready, race to work, endure a long commute filled with boredom and the occasional self rant about other drivers, and then do it all again just to get home. Make sure that dinner is made, watch some TV, get ready for bed, and then start it all over again the next day that follows, and so on.

This is where we all stutter briefly and wish there was some differences that existed in the norm and calamity of our everyday existences. It is safe to assume that if we factored all the hours that actually spend inhaling recycled cabin air while driving our cars to and from work, and other places, it may come as a surprise that we spend quite a deal in our cars, and well…quite bored at the same time. But, XM satellite radio has changed all of that, at least for some of us.

To rant on is ubiquitous, but rant I shall. Being such an avid protagonist for anti-boredom, I do present to you, adoringly, with the many reasons why I love car XM satellite radio.
• I first must say that my XM radio installation was cheap, about $50 bucks at the local big place.
• Secondly, XM radio receivers are many these days, and one can easily find one that fits nicely and cozy into their budget, even if it means passing up on the higher end Pioneer Inno XM Receiver and going with a cheaper model with less bells and whistles like the Delphi Roady XT.
• Um, 170 channels of commercial-free music, comedy, news, you-name-it, it’s like having cable TV for the car ride; the car ride most of us spend many waking hours enduring as we go about our everyday lives.
• Finally, XM satellite radio service is cheap these days, and I could not possibly try to find a better way to spend about $3.50 per week, than the hours of entertainment I get while on route to work or other affairs.

To sum it up, life sucks without the internet, cable and XM satellite radio, plain and simple! It’s a necessity, well not really, but still…

XM Subscription Plans Offer Versatility, Affordability

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The world of car and home radio has greatly improved over the past few years, with the advents of satellite subscription radio services, such as the leader, XM. But unlike cable television or satellite television providers, XM radio subscription plans are far more affordable and offer a tier of different rates, all with different price breaks to cater to the many consumers who currently hold XM subscription plans, as well as those who are looking into signing up for them.

Right now XM satellite radio is offer four different XM subscription plans. All of the plans include a 170 digital, XM radio channels. The most commonly used XM subscription plan is billed at $12.95 per month (four months up front is required), and is called the Quarterly Plan.

The second most popular XM subscription plan is the 1-year plan, which costs about $11.87 per month, offering a savings of one month when paid in full. As the plans fall down the tiers, more savings are offered to the customer.

The two-year plan offers the equivalent of three months of free service, billed at $11.33 per month, and finally, the three-year plan offers the biggest savings, billed at $9.99 per month, inclusive of 8+ months of free service.

A newly released feature by XM allows user to add an additional radio, either in another car, or in their house for a flat rate of $6.99 per month. Finally, XM has also recently announced what they call “Specialty XM subscription plans” which offer unique services such as XM NavTraffic®, XM NavWeather™, and XM WX Satellite Weather®.

One thing is for sure, the affordability and availability of XM satellite radio has never been in reach for so many consumers. These days just about anybody can afford a XM satellite radio receiver, and with so many different XM subscription plans, they have a wide array of options in front of them.

The Benefits of having an XM Satellite Radio in your car

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There are many good reasons as to why you should consider upgrading your car stereo with a satellite radio for car. First of all, if you have not already decided that the standard fare of radio is just not cutting it, here are some points that may convince you. Normal radio plays songs that are plugged to them primarily by the record labels, who are trying to promote new and top current artists. You rarely hear anything but this jargon on most forms of radio, with the exception of course to XM satellite radio for cars.

If you are sick and tired of hearing the same band and the same song playing over and over until you are ears are tired, then you already have a great reason to get an XM satellite radio receiver for your ride. Another reason is the obvious one: no commercials. This is the major problem with the standard fare of radio stations that you can tune into when driving. They rarely play any songs that you actually want to hear. From time to time a song that you like will come on, and then after that it is followed by pointless and annoying commercials; commercials that seem to span for the better part of the broadcast.

The Benefits of having an XM satellite radio receiver in your car eliminates these two common issues entirely. No more boring and repeated commercials about products and services that you do not need. No more repeating of the same songs over and over until your head is about to explode. No more broadcasting of the current top 40 bands only! Satellite radio for car allows you to tune into hundreds of great stations, playing the songs that you want to hear, when you want to hear them. And let us not forget, that almost every station on the XM satellite radio for car is entirely commercial free.

You can tune into several comedy stations using your XM satellite radio receiver. Or you can turn the knob to the alternative station. If you dig Frank Sinatra, they have several stations just for you. If you are a fan of bumping hip-hop, then tune your quick buttons to those stations. With hundreds of stations to choose from, and no commercials, all you get is the tunes, news or comedy that you want to listen to, when you feel like it. Finally, XM Satellite Radio receivers are well priced. You can get one installed in your car for around a $100, and the monthly service fees are reasonable too—less than $15 per month.

Choosing an XM Satellite Radio Receiver

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Thinking about getting an XM Satellite Radio Receiver? There are a few categories of XM Receivers to consider:

1. Portable Car Receivers – this category includes receivers such as the Delphi Roady XT, SkyFi2 and Xpress RC, the Audiovox Xpress family of receivers including the Xpress, the Xpress EZ and the Xpress R also the Terk Commander MT. This class of receiver generally includes a vehicle kit and broadcasts the XM Satellite Radio content to your FM radio using either a FM Wired Modulator or Wireless FM Modulation that is built into either the XM Receiver or the vehicle kit. This type of receiver is not permanently mounted. The car kit is normally mounted on the dash or the air vent. There are also customized mounting kits available from Bracketron that are vehicle specific. The receiver can be removed and used in your house using either a XM Receiver Specific Boombox or Home Kit.

2. Direct Wired Car Receivers – this category includes receivers are either tuner specific or vehicle specific such as the Audiovox XM Direct and XM Direct 2 series of xm radio receivers. This type of XM Receiver is hard-wired directly into the head unit of your car’s receiver. This type of installation is normally performed by a professional installer. It is for those car owners who don’t want additional hardware mounted on the dash or attached to a vent.

3. Portable XM Receivers – receivers in this category includes the Delphi Sky3, the Samsung Nexus and the Pioneer Inno. They all have an internal battery and can be used in the car using a vehicle kit, used on the go (normally with headphones that include an internal antenna) and at home using a home kit or a XM Receiver Specific Boombox. There is also an option to download music from XM to the unit for listening when you don’t have access to Live XM Satellite Radio Programming.

4. XM Ready Home Audio Systems – There are a variety of XM ready home receivers that require a XM Satellite Receiver to broadcast XM Satellite Radio Programming. The Audiovox Mini-Tuner is the perfect solution. The mini-tuner is connected to the XM Antenna and connects to the XM Ready Receiver. This allows your receiver to display all the XM Radio Info directly. It’s the best way to seamlessly integrate your audio system with your XM Radio Programming.

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